Taking Wood and Turning it Into Something That'll Last You a Lifetime

Hi friends! Welcome to Boyd Woodworking, a business founded by Bryce Boyd in 2020, with Stine jumping in on the fun in 2021. We are a middle school sweetheart duo focused on taking our love for wood and making it into something that'll last you forever. You will find a variety of items including, but not limited to, custom furniture, home decor, and engravings made from live-edge hardwood and resin. We love having the ability to use our creativity to make products, but love it even more when we get the chance to collaborate with you to bring your ideas to life!

We are so glad that you came across our shop - we really couldn't do any of this without your support! We would love it for you to find yourself wanting to gift one of our items, as well as buy one for yourself. Heck, we want you to keep that item for a lifetime and then pass it down through generations - not a single thought of adding it to your yard sale or donation bin!

If you are interested and/or have the time, feel free to read below to get a better idea of how it all started:

Bryce took up woodworking as a hobby in high school workshop, but it really all began on the back porch of his first apartment with nothing but a sander, hand saw, and wood burning kit. Needless to say, his upstairs neighbor wasn't too pleased and he eventually upgraded to a storage unit - so much room for activities (thanks Step Brothers).

His earlier projects included making wood license plate covers with hand burned patterns; designing and constructing furniture ideas Stine thought up, such as a record player stand and coffee table. He eventually dabbled into the art of resin when he wanted to recreate a table top his dad did using epoxy and pennies. Who would have known that he would take everything he learned from these projects, mistakes and all, and use it to make his own woodworking business!

During the time Bryce was on his journey of finding his passion, Stine was also on the path to finding her own. After graduating college with an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice, she began working as an office administrator for a forensic therapy practice. She had hoped that this would be the line of work she could see herself forming a career out of, but that was not the case. She found herself seeking to be her own boss, make her own schedule, and be in a space they let her creative juices flow. It wasn't until she began helping Bryce with the behind-the-scenes business tasks, such as designing a logo, creating a website, and photographing products, that she finally felt like all her wants could be met. Ultimately, she quit her job and now works alongside Bryce.

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